All you need to know about Wasgij jigsaw puzzles

Are you a Wasgij puzzler or are you wondering what language I’m speaking? Either way I’d love to share what you’ll discover when you try the unique Wasgij puzzling experience.

 “I have so many fond memories of completing Wasgij puzzles. When we got heavily into puzzling they were the first sort that we got hooked on. We love the interesting problem solving challenge and the bright and humourous images. You can sort by colour and pattern and build out the image without knowing exactly what it’s like.” ~Hannah

So, what is a Wasgij puzzle?

It’s a great question. If you know already you can skip to the next heading. If not, let me introduce the puzzling phenomenon that is the Wasgij.

You might have noticed that the word WASGIJ is JIGSAW backwards.  Now that explains the odd word.

When you solve a Wasgij puzzle the image on the box is not what the puzzle is.  Its a clue to the final image.  You'll work out the final image based on clues on the box.   There are four different collections of puzzle Original, Destiny, Mystery or Christmas.  What you use for clues depends on which collection it’s from (more below).

For example, the puzzle solution might be what someone (the viewer) in the image is looking at. If the viewer can see someone in front of them then the solution will include that person. Your job is to work out what elements they’re seeing and use this to piece together the solution. It’s a cross between a mystery and a jigsaw puzzle.

Lets look at an example (no spoilers here).

All you need to know about Wasgij jigsaw puzzles example puzzle

  • The solution to this puzzle is what the person at label 1 is seeing. Let’s call them the viewer.
  • You’ll notice a crowd of people in front of the viewer. These people will be in the puzzle solution but instead of seeing their faces you’ll be seeing their backs.
  • Let’s look specifically at the three people directly in front of the viewer at label 2. The back of the lady in the red horse shoe dress will be on the right hand side of the solution. The back of the lady in the blue dress will be on the left hand side of the completed puzzle and the man in the dark suit will be in the middle.
  • While you can get clues to the final solution from the image on the box you’ll also need to be a detective. In these puzzles there’s usually something big and shocking occurring be it an explosion, a monster, or some other unusual disaster.  Keep an eye out for patterns that could be clues to these events.

I think that Wasgij puzzles really work on your puzzling skills.  While they may not be the hardest puzzle you’ll ever do they’re great at exercising puzzling skills.  Things like sorting by colour and pattern matching, lateral thinking and being comfortable with not knowing the end picture.  You can’t rely on looking to the box to find where a piece goes and that makes the completion even more satisfying.

Four different collections of Wasgij Puzzle

In the Original series you’re working out what someone is looking at to solve the puzzle. You’ll use clues of the things that are in front of them to help work out what is going on. There’s always something funny happening in these puzzles.

In the Destiny series you’re asked to work out how the scene on the box will look in the future. What will the characters look like? How will the elements of the scene have changed. Did the people get older, has technology advanced?

For the Mystery series you’ll be working out what happens next in the scene. What situation has occurred immediately after the image on the box?

The Christmas series are like the Original series you’re asked to work out what someone on the box is seeing. These puzzles have a festive theme with mistletoe, holly, carollers and even Santa.

What puzzle brands make Wasgij?

Both Jumbo and Holdson make Wasgij puzzles with the same images. Holdson are more readily available in Australia as they’re made in New Zealand.

You’ll find that Jumbo have thicker pieces with a tighter fit. Sections of the puzzle are more likely to stay connected when you need to move them.

In comparison Holdson puzzles have thinner pieces and a looser fit but are still great to do. I love they come apart when you're ready to pack it away (you don’t have to take each piece apart).  To shift sections of the puzzle we build on a piece of paper and then lift and slide it into place.

Wasgij is for you if:

  • You want to try something different.
  • If you like a challenge and problem solving.
  • If you like colourful cartoon images and fun patterns.
  • You want a large range of puzzles to choose from.

 “Like a good TV series – you can really binge on Wasgij puzzles.”

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