Christmas Decoration Conundrum

The challenge:

Last year when the Christmas decorations were put away the boxes got a bit muddled up. 

There are three boxes labelled

- "Red baubles",

- "Green baubles" and

- "Red and green baubles"

and they are all labelled incorrectly.

You are allowed to pick one item from one box in order to determine the correct contents. 

Which box would you choose?



If you choose a bauble from the box labelled "red and green" then you will know what colour is in that box.  

For example

If you pull a green bauble from the box labelled "Red and green"  then you know that's the box containing green.

The remaining two boxes are labelled "Red" and "Green" and you have one box containing red baubles and one containing red and green baubles.

We know that the boxes are labelled incorrectly so the box labelled "Red" must contain the red and green and the box labelled "Green" must contain red.


What method did you use to solve and then explain the solution to this puzzle?

For me I used a pen and paper to sketch out scenarios and work out the solution.  Did you have a different way?

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