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Find equilibrium with this spatial balance game

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Can you work with gravity in this block stacking logic game? Part of FoxMind's Brain Builder Series.

How do you play Equilibrio?
Select a challenge from the booklet and take the blocks listed at the bottom of the page.

Make sure you're working on a flat, level surface that isn't too slippery. A sheet of paper can help to reduce friction.

Now its time to get your analytical brain and steady hands ready. Can you build a vertical model matching the 2D image in the challenge?

Spatial awareness will help you work out where the shapes should go. You'll also have to try different options to get the pieces to stay together - no glue or tack allowed.

Once you're structure is up check it against the 2D view before moving on.

What can you learn?
- spatial visualisation
- perserverance
- logical analysis
- decomposition

THINKercise twists
- Use the blocks to build your own challenge. Can you draw a 2D representation of your structure?
- For some of the trickier structures, is there a way to make the building easier?

THINKercise tips
- Use the cylinder piece to check that your surface is flat. Drop it from 2cm onto your surface and, if it rolls the same way each time it might not be level.
- Can't get something to balance? Try changing the orientation of a supporting piece.

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Brand: Fox Mind
Specified age: 5+
Number of Challenges: 60
Number of Players: 1
Inside the Box: 18 solid plastic geometric blocks, 1 puzzle book, 1 rule book.

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