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IQ Stixx

IQ Stixx

A spatial packing puzzle for the sticklers

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Can you work out how to place the sticks so that they fit in the game board and are level?

Five sticks go up and down and five go from side to side. But it's not quite that simple. The sticks have cut-outs in different locations. For the solution to be level you need to get the cut-outs on the sticks in the right places.

How do you play IQ Stixx?

Select a a challenge from the booklet and setup the game tray with the pieces specified. You'll use the letters and numbers on the pieces to get them into the right spots.

Then its time to place the remaining pieces. Can you work out which sticks need to go where?

What can you learn?

- deduction
- logic
- problem solving

THINKercise twists

- Can you solve the puzzle using only the diagrams on the top of the pieces (the squares)
- Can you solve the puzzle using only the view of the pieces with cut-out side up?

About IQ Stixx as a travel game

This game packs up into its case (including the booklet). It is self-contained and the pieces can be rested in the lid while you're working. Note that to put it away you need to complete a challenge. A good way to do this quickly is to do challenge number 1.


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