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Match Madness

Match Madness

Race to replicate in this multi-player visual recognition game

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A fast-paced visual recognition game to play with friends (or alone). This game will have you wanting to play "one more round".

How do you play Match Madness?

Each player receives a set of five rectangular prisms with patterns on each side. And they choose a pattern card for all players to reproduce.

Then its ready, set, go!

Players manipulate and turn the blocks to make the pattern that matches the card. Sometimes its simple, sometimes its trickier, who will be fastest?

What can you learn?

- fine motor skills and manual dexterity
- logical thinking and visual perception
- speed and strategy

THINKercise twists

  • Can you make the pattern two ways? (I'm not sure if it works every time).
  • Explain your solution process to someone else. Is it the method the same every time?
  • Can you write an algorithm to solve the puzzle?


Brand: FoxMind
Specified age7+
Number of Players: 1-4

Inside the Box: 20 playing blocks (4 sets of 5), 60 pattern cards, 1 rule book.

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