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Snow White

Snow White

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This sturdy house and figurines can be used for free play or as a logic game.

It has opening windows and door and slots for the characters to look out of the windows. It comes with a small, hard cover book telling a modern twist on the story of Snow White (in comic style images with no words) and another spiral bound book containing the the logic game challenges.

Initially children may enjoy playing with the pieces, opening and closing the doors on the house and looking through the story book.

As a logic game they can setup the challenges and then deduce the location of the remaining, unplaced characters from the clues in the challenge book.

The levels increase in difficulty.

Playing Snow White stimulates the following cognitive skills:flexible thinking, language, logic, problem solvingand spatial insight.

I have found that toys like this have many years of use. Initially children play with theparts, then they start to solve the problems and later they come back and truly master them or even work with younger siblings to solve the puzzles.


Brand:Smart Games


Category:Preschool Games


Number of Challenges:48

Number of Players:1

Inside the Box: 3D house, 7 dwarves, Snow White, witch, booklet with 48 challenges & solutions, extra storybook.


THINKercise tip: This is a great logic puzzle for someone's first logic puzzle and would be wonderful to work alongside your child;it is not aimed at adults.


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