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Birds of Art

Birds of Art

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In this image, Artist Martin Sati has represented the personalities of great artists in history with exotic birds. The diverse personalities are expressed through colours, plumage and pose.

Can you match the birds with these artists?

Paradisaea apoda - Salvador Dali
Alcedo atthis - Vincent Van Gogh
Phasianus colchicus - Francis Bacon
Cicinnurus regius - Frida Kahlo
Pelargopsis capensis - Pablo Picasso
Cyanocitta cristata - Rene Magritte
Upupa epops - Andy Warhol
Eudocimus ruber - Miguel Angel Bunoarroti
Halcyon smyrnensis - Marc Chagall
Pyrrhura molinae - Mark Rothko
Carpodacus roseus - Henri Matisse
Pycnonotidae - Lucian Freud
Cyanistes cyanus - Claude Monet
Phalacrocorax pelagicus - Jackson Pollock
Merops apiaster - Tamara de Lempicka
Lamprotornis hildebrandti - Paul Cezanne
Pitangus sulphuratus - Vasili Kandinski
Cyanocitta stelleri - Yves Klein
Chiroptera - Marcel Duchamp


Brand: Ravensburger

Artist: Martin Sati

Number of pieces: 1000

Puzzle size: 70cm x 50cm

Year: 2021

Condition: New

Product code: 4005556168323

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