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Cats and Boxes

Cats and Boxes

Use sequential movement to hide the cats in boxes.

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The cute little kittens love playing in boxes. Can you work out the purrfect sequence of moves needed to get each one into a box?

How do you play Cats and Boxes?

Select a challenge from the booklet and setup the game board with the pieces specified. The cat pieces are stationary for each challenge whereas you will move the tile pieces. At the start all the cats are positioned outside the boxes.

All setup? Then it’s time to move each piece so that the cats end up inside the boxes.

You can only move one piece at a time so you’ll need to plan your moves carefully.  A tip is to use one hand to play this game so that you're not tempted to pick up two pieces at once.

When all the cats have hidden in a box you’re ready for the next challenge.  The levels increase in difficulty.

This game is self-checking.

What can you learn?

- Planning
- Spatial insight
- Problem solving
- Logic
- Concentration

THINKercise Twist

- See if you can complete the challenges in the smallest number of moves. This number is above each challenge.

- Before you start see if you can work out where the pieces need to finish up.


Age: 7+
Number of Challenges: 60
Number of Players: 1
Inside the Box: Game board with lid, 5 cats, 4 tile pieces with boxes on them, booklet with 60 challenges and solutions.

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