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Tailten Games

Diarmuid and Grainne

Diarmuid and Grainne

A quality preowned Tailten Games puzzle.

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This stunning puzzle was inspired by the Book of Kells and its patterns. Artist Jim Fitzpatrick is known as an authority on Celtic art and has excelled in this image. The pieces are thick and fit together beautifully.

Note: there is a surface tear to the bottome of the box. and light damage to the surface of the lid of the box.
34cm x 48cm

Year: 2005
Artist: Jim Fitzpatrick

Why buy preowned puzzles?

There are so many warm and fuzzy reasons to buy preowned puzzles.

My two favourite are:

🧩 you have access to a fabulous range of puzzles that aren't available new.

♻️ in a world where there is so much stuff its great to reuse the things we have.

What condition are preowned puzzles in?

- Well, they are all complete. I know that no-one wants puzzles missing pieces.

- All the pieces are securely tucked up in a zip lock bag.

- The pieces are all intact. There could be minor creases or partial delamination on a small number of pieces.

- Puzzle boxes are lightly worn. It might be marks on the box surface, scuffs or scratches or dents in the lid. I will make note of any major box damage.

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