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Garden Maze Genius

Garden Maze Genius

A do-it-yourself tilt maze

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This path-building puzzle will use your spatial awareness, strategic planning and coordination skills. You need to retrieve your ball but there are houses in the way.

Are you up for the challenge?

How do you play Garden Maze Genius?
You're going to use houses to build a path for the ball to roll from the start (A ) to the finish (4).

First roll the 4 dice to find the number and coordinate location of two houses that you need to visit on the way to the end. Place these on the game board.

Then its time to position the other houses making sure to line up the gaps in their fences to leave a path for the ball.

When you think you're ready its time to test. Pickup the board and tilt and turn it to maneuver the ball through the path you've made.

Did you make it to the end? Do you need to make some changes?

What can you learn?
- spatial visualisation
- planning ahead and strategy
- early co-ordinates
- manual dexterity

THINKercise twists
- Can you solve the puzzle so that the ball can't roll off path?

Tips and comments from Hannah
It can be tricky to get the ball to roll from the starting position. Instead, when you're ready, you can place the ball in the garden of the house at A.

The numbers on the houses are quite small. We have added stickers with the piece numbers onto our copy to make piece finding easier.


Brand: The Happy Puzzle Company
Specified age: 5-10
Number of Challenges: N/A 
Number of Players: 1

Inside the Box: 1 Garden Maze Genius board/grid, 2 pink 8-sided dice, 2 blue 8-sided dice, 2 ball bearings.

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