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The Genius Gems

The Genius Gems

A pattern matching game that's always different

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A fast-paced pattern matching game for one or two players.
It will get your spatial thinking working. And if playing with two it adds the pressure of time.

A great game for all ages to play.

How do you play The Genius Gems?
Let's setup first. Each player takes a set of shapes and a game board. Choose five dice and roll them in the dice shaker.

Now to play the game. Reproduce the patterns on the dice on the game board according to the specified colour.

Want to make it more difficult? You can add different dice to increase the complexity.

What can you learn?
- quick thinking
- planning ahead and strategy
- visual perception and spatial awareness
- manual dexterity

THINKercise twists
- if playing alone try solving it twice in two different ways, once on each game board.
- challenge yourself to solve a puzzle without moving a piece once you've placed it.


Brand: The Happy Puzzle Company
Condition: New
Specified age: 8+
Number of Challenges: infinite 
Number of Players: 1-2

Inside the Box: 2 x Genius Gems grids, 2 sets of 10 double-sided hexagon clusters, 5 x basic dice, 2 x dastardly dice, 1 x devlish dice, 1 dice shaker and base.

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