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Code it, hack it and fix it in this computational thinking puzzle

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Do you want to take your computational thinking to the next level?

Each challenge in Hacker has three phases. First you solve the challenge. Then you break it by inserting a bug that makes your solution go wrong. Finally you add an alarm that will detect if something is going awry.

Then, in later levels things get more complex again.

Through playing this game you'll start to understand technicalities of coding.

What will you learn?

- to describe the steps required to solve a problem using an abstract language
- to execute a program one step at a time
- planning ahead


Brand: ThinkFun
Specified age: 10 to adult
Number of Challenges: 120
Number of Players: 1 (or collaborative)

Inside the Box: game grid including 16 tiles and 5 rotating platforms, control panel board, challenge booklet, 2 agent tokens, 9 movement tiles, 13 revolving platform tiles, 5 transaction tiles, transaction link token, 3 data file tokens, 2 exit point tokens, 1 virus token, 1 alarm token, 2 lock tokens, 1 solution booklet.

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