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Ice Cubed

Ice Cubed

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Looking for a game that will have you adding your way to the top of the ice tower? Can you stack the cubes in this mathematical game so that the faces add up?

How do you play?
Choose a challenge card and place it over the post on the game board. Then select the blocks on the card.

Are you ready to add? You need to stack the cubes so that each set of faces adds up to the numbers on the card.

For the early challenges you're told all the blocks needed. Later on you'll need to work out which blocks to use.

What can you learn?
- mental arithmetic
- deductive reasoning

THINKercise twists
- What addition strategies help with solving this puzzle?


Brand: The Happy Puzzle Company
Specified age: 7+
Number of Challenges: 48 
Number of Players: 1

Inside the Box: Base and rod, 6 colour coded cubes, 24 double sided challenge cards, 1 instruction manual with solutions.

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