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IQ Mini

IQ Mini

A mini spatial reasoning mind puzzle.

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Can you pack the pieces in this mini puzzle?

How do you play IQ Mini?

Unlike all the other Smart Games this game has no challenge book.

You start by removing the pieces from the small, square game board. I usually tip them into the lid.

Then slide the rubber blockers to where ever you like on the board. When you're happy with their position its time to place the pieces into the board. The beauty of this game is that there's a solution for every combination of blocker pieces. Its small and quick to play.

What will you learn?

- spatial awareness
- problem solving

THINKercise Twist

- can you describe the solution before you do it?
- are there ways you can position the blocker pieces that make the puzzle harder (or easier) to solve?

Colour provided at random.


Age: 6+
Number of Challenges: unlimited
Number of Players: 1
Inside the sleeve: Game board with hinged lid and three attached blocker pieces, 6 puzzle pieces.

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