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IQ Twins

IQ Twins

A packing puzzle where the pieces are almost the same.

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Can you  work out how to place the puzzle pieces into the board so they all fit?

How do you play IQ Twins?
Choose a challenge and setup the board by placing the pieces as shown.  

You'll notice that for this game there are two pieces of each colour.  The pairs of pieces are a similar shape but aren't the same.  One piece will fit on the board at 90° angles while the other requires a 45° angle.  One type of piece has the components directly connected while the other has a small cube connecting each component (have a look at the images!)

You've solved the puzzle when all the pieces are in the game board.

This is a great, compact game for travel or waiting.

What will you learn?
  - spatial awareness and recognition of shapes.
  - planning ahead
  - deductive reasoning
THINKercise twists
  - Can you explain the approach you take to solving each puzzle?  Do you find some shapes easier to manage than others?


Brand: Smart Games
Specified age: 7+
Number of Challenges: 120 
Number of Players: 1

Inside the Box: 
1 compact game board with transparent lid, 10 colourful puzzle pieces, 1 booklet with 120 challenges and solutions

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