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Letter Links

Letter Links

Link letters to images in this fast paced game.

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Can you be the quickest to spot the letter link?

How do you play Letter Links?

Shuffle the cards and place them face down in the middle of the table.  The back of the cards show three letters (two red and one blue) and the front of the cards show a range of different objects.  

Let's play.

You take it in turns flipping the top card and placing it face up next to the pile.  

For the starter level of the game you need to be the first to find an item on the card starting with one of the red letters.  

When you think you've got it place your hand on the item card and tell everyone the answer.  Take the card if you got it right.

In the more advanced game all three letters are available.  You spot two images starting with two different letters.

The winner is the player who has the most cards at the end of the game.

What can you learn playing Letter Links?

- to increase your perception speed and reaction speed
- to link images to words and their starting letters
- to focus and refocus attention
- recognition of patterns
- improve working memory
- to manage in changing situations.

THINKercise twist

- Flip the card onto the top of the deck so that players have to remember the letters available to use.

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