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Make a Moove!

Make a Moove!

You may go bananas in this adaptability game.

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Roll the dice, find the fruit and say the correct word to collect the card.

How do you play Make a Moove!?

Place the stack of cards face down on the playing surface, decide whether you're playing in 3-dice or 4-dice mode and you're ready to go.

Let's play.

3-dice mode includes a dice with numbers 1-6, a dice with pictures of animals and a dice with pictures of fruit.

Roll the dice and flip the top card.  You're looking for the fruit that appears on the card the number of times shown on the dice.  What you call out depends on what is shown on the other dice.

  • If its the same fruit as is on the fruit dice then make the sound of the animal on the animal dice.
  • If its different then say the fruit name.
  • If you get it right then you claim the card, otherwise lose a card.

In 4-dice mode you have two fruit dice.  The rules are the same as 3-dice mode with one more rule.  

  • If the two fruit dice show the same fruit you ignore the other rules and say the number of the fruit shown on the dice.

There are also simplified rules for two versions of a 1-dice game which removes some of the complexity and is a great option for some players.

The winner of the game is the person who collects the most cards.

What can you learn?

- to increase your perception speed and reaction speed
- to link images to words and their starting letters
- to focus and refocus attention
- recognition of patterns
- improve working memory
- to manage in changing situations.

THINKercise twist

- Instead of playing until all cards have been used you could set a timer to play for 5 or 10 minutes.  The winner is the person with the least cards at the end of that time.


Brand: FlexIQ
Specified age: 5+
Number of Players 2-5
Time: 20 minutes
In the tin: 40 fruit cards, 4 dice (1 numbers die, 1 animals die and 2 fruit dice), game rules.

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