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Penguins Huddle Up

Penguins Huddle Up

Huddle together for this problem solving strategy game.

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Challenge a friend or two (or three) in this quick play, strategic movement and planning game.  You'll need foresight and strategy to get your penguins to huddle together before everyone else.

How do you play Penguins Huddle Up?
Setup phase. Take it in turns to randomly place the ice and the player to your right's penguins on the game board.

That's the setup.  You're ready to play.  Let's go.

The aim of the game is to move your penguins so that they're all standing next to each other.  

Each turn you can take one action to move a penguin either
- to an adjacent space, or
- they can jump over another penguin, or
- they can dive into a hole and emerge through another hole on the board.

A player wins when their penguins all stand together.

For a more complex game penguins need to be grouped so that they're all at the same height.  Some penguins are shorter than others and need to stand on the ice blocks in this mode of the game.

What can you learn?
- strategy and forward planning of moves

  • strategy and forward planning of moves
  • spatial insight 
  • turn taking

THINKercise twists
- Try a game where you play defensively or aggresively.
- What strategies can you use when placing your opponents pieces?
- See if you can think of a strategy thats different to what you would usually do.


Brand: Smart Games
Specified age: 6+
Number of Players: 2-4

Inside the Box: 
1 game board, 4 penguin families (each with 3 large and 3 small penguins), 6 ice blocks (4 straight ice blocks and 2 curved ice blocks), game rules with 2 different difficulty-levels.

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