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Pirates Crossfire

Pirates Crossfire

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Pirates Crossfire is a piece placing puzzle with four different playing modes.

The differently shaped pieces either have rocks, pirate ships or navy ships on them.

In all of the challenges you setup the pieces as shown in the challenge booklet. Then its a matter of placing the other pieces following the rules which relate to whether the ships cannons can or cannot fire at other boats. These different modes mean that even when you've mastered one set of challenges you need to change your thinking to work on the next one.

The levels increase in difficulty.

Playing Pirates Crossfire stimulates the following cognitive skills: concentration,flexible thinking, spatial insight, planningand problem solving.


Brand:Smart Games


Category:Classic Games


Number of Challenges: 80

Number of Players:1

Inside the Box: Game board, 2 puzzle pieces with rocks, 2 puzzle pieces with pirate ships, 4 puzzle pieces with navy ships, booklet with 80 challenges and solutions.

THINKercise tip:When you think you've finished a level a good way to check that its correct is to look at each ship in turn to make sure the rules are satisfied.


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