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Switch It!

Switch It!

Continually switch the rules in this flexible thinking game.

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Can you adapt to the changing rules to find the most common object or colour?

How do you play Switch It!?

Shuffle the cards and place them face down in the middle of the table.  The back of the cards has a window showing either day or night, the front of the cards show a range of items in different colours.  

Let's play.

Players take it in turns flipping the top card and placing it face up next to the pile.  Use what you see to decide what to find to win the round.

If its night time you need to find the item that appears the most.
If its day time you need to find the colour that appears most. 

When you think you've got it place your hand on the item card and tell everyone the answer.  Take the card if you got it right.

But wait, there's some special items that change the rules.

If the card has a flashlight then its like day time regardless of the window card.  So, you need to find the most common colour.
If the card has a curtain then ignore the window.  Its like night time and you need to find the most common item.
If the card has a globe on it then you need to reverse the window card.  Night becomes day and day becomes night.

Confused? Maybe.  This game is amazing for quick thinking and learning to manage changing circumstances through play.

The winner is the player who has the most cards at the end of the game.

What can you learn playing Switch It!?

- to increase your perception speed and reaction speed
- to focus and refocus attention
- recognition of patterns
- improve working memory
- to manage in changing situations.

THINKercise twist

- Can you explain your decision making process when playing this game.  What do you look at first, how do you solve the puzzle?  Draw a flow chart to explain it.


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