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A quick-thinking pattern recognition game.

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Find 2-4 players and see who can get rid of their dice the fastest.

This game builds flexibility in thinking.  In many cases what you see at the start isn't the right answer.

How do you play Takamachi?

Divide the dice equally between the number of players and put the sand timer where everyone can reach it.

That's it, you're ready to roll.

All players roll their dice onto the middle of the table.  You need to spot the element that appears most on the dice.  It could be the same shape or same colour.

Think you've got it?  Then call it out and flip the timer.

The other players have 10 seconds to call out something more common.  

But wait, if you spot two dice that show the same shape and colour you say "Takamachi" and automatically win the round.

Once you've worked out who won you give each player the number of dice they had before.  The round winner puts one of their dice back in the box.

You win if you get rid of all your dice first.

What can you learn playing Takamachi?

- to increase your perception speed and reaction speed
- to focus and refocus attention
- recognition of patterns
- improve working memory
- to manage in changing situations.

THINKercise twist

- Follow the rules but play the game alone.  Do two things - say what your first impression is, turn the timer and spend 10 seconds to have another go.  Keep track of whether you were right on the first or second go.



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